About Me

I'm a photographer born and based in The Netherlands. Photography is my passion and I travel as much as possible to see and capture the most beautiful places on the planet. 


If you’re like me, you have a deep love for the raw beauty of our planet and you value artwork that captures its landscapes in all their moods and appearances.​

My story as a photographer actually started very simple. A few years ago my best friend lend me his DSLR camera to take with me on a roadtrip to Andalusia, Spain. At that moment I didn't have any experience or knowledge of digital camera's and photography worth mentioning. However, during this trip I simply could not stop shooting and experimenting with this camera. At the end of the trip I had fallen in love with the creative process called photography.


That moment was the start of a photographic journey that has brought me to the most beautiful places, and made me many times part of unique moments where the beauty and purity of our planet manifested itself in a way I had never seen before.


My mission is to share these unique moments with you through my work of art. I can truly say that being a photographer makes me feel I am alive.

Frans van der Boom



Curious about the gear I use? Read it here

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Frans van der Boom is a landscape photographer based in the Netherlands and works mainly all over Europe. To share his knowedge he provides workshop and tutorials